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Some words on Breathfulness

Live your life from your heart

Breathfulness® helps to reduce stress in the body, to vitalise it and to encourage relaxation, in order to move away from living your life from your head, your rationale…and to transition into living your life more from your heart. To make choices based on what you truly want in your life and not what others expect from you.


The way you breathe is the way you live your life…

The primary attention of Breathfulness is to the breathing. To discover your breathing, how you breathe, to open it up, to expand and to optimise. And ultimately to go back to a natural breathing.


Many of us do not breathe to the maximum potential because of different influences during the course of lives by people, situations, events etc. We have unconsciously restricted our breathing to avoid the pain that we felt and hence it is no longer our natural breathing.


People are becoming more and more aware that our breathing has a very substantial effect on our health. Many hospitals in the Netherlands for example are now offering mindfulness to their patients. Meditation has proven to have a great effect on the relaxation of the body and mind.


The way you breathe is directly connected to the way you experience life! And your breathing is the link between your mind and body.


Breathfulness Coaching…


I am ready to assist you using Breathfulness coaching to find your natural way of breathing again alongside creating awareness about what suits you best in terms of nutrition, exercising and relaxation.

Breathfulness coaching is recognizing and freeing limiting thoughts and beliefs towards taking responsibility and seeing your own freedom of choice. Moving from your head to your heart.



With an optimised breathing, you can detoxify about 70% through your respiratory system. However, many of us don’t even go beyond 30%. So many toxins remain in our bodies. And we fail to inhale enough oxygen to really nourish all our cells in our body. Breathfulness harmonised breathing will give you an opportunity to experience full inhalation and full exhalation for about 35 to 40 minutes and for you to discover what that will give you.


It will also give you more space for clear thinking and emotional balance. It increases your life energy and it activates the connection between body and mind.



A way of living…


Breathing and awareness creation are connected to each other because it is your mind that determines how you breathe. Despite age or physical condition, everyone is able to reach their full potential. Not only by physical use of the breathing but also through awareness.


An expanded awareness (both conscious and unconscious) will create an expanded direction of your breathing. In the beginning, you may need discipline and commitment to yourself but eventually it will become a way of living that feeds you and takes cares of you and will be part of your life.





Breathfulness is a way to live your live in full. It pays attention from a holistic vision; breathing, nutrition, movement and relaxation. It presumes self-responsibility and the self healing power of our body.


Breathfulness uses 4 pilars to achieve the above principles: breathing, nutrition, movement/exercising and relaxation. They are being handled in the 6 steps Breathfulness programme. This programme is designed to bring you back into contact with your body and to be able to ‘listen’ to its signals. Please see more information about this programme on the page What I Offer…It is an awareness creation about how nutrition, exercising and relaxation can influence the way you feel physically or emotionally.

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