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6th of OCTOBER
Deep Breathing and Guided Meditation Classes

Weekly classes in deep breathing and meditation.

Starting date: 6 October 2017. It will be an introduction session where I will explain about Breathfulness and where you can experience the breathing and the meditation.

Deep breathing can assist you in reduction of stress and blood pressure, strengthening of abdominal and intestinal muscles and relief of general body aches and pains. Deep breathing also promotes better blood flow, releases toxins from the body and aids in healthy sleep.

During the classes, you will experience Breathfulness breathing as well as other breathing exercises and there will also be guided meditation to allow you to ground and feel peaceful to start a beautiful new day. You will be able to reconnect with yourself, to allow yourself to be here…to love yourself…and to take responsibility for your own life and to feel the power within to trust your inner voice.

Classes will be every Friday from 8am till 9.15am.

The next classes are on Friday’s : 13, 20, 27 October, 3, 10, 17, 24 November, 1, 8 and 15 December. The first class after the Christmas Holiday will be 12 January 2018




Breathfulness intensive sessions

What an incredible feeling has this breathing technique given me. I feel soooo much more alive!. Thank you.

L. , Uganda

After 5 sessions I have become pregnant, which I thank to unblocking my fears by the breathing technique you have tought me.

E. ,Uganda

 Your coaching has helped me overcome my fears to show my true self to others. Thank you so much for that.  

M. , Uganda

I have relived the birth of my children during this session and it has given a lot of peace over me. Thank you .

Afaf , Djibouti

I just feel very very happy. I can't stop smiling. Thank you very much .

Sagal, Djibouti

 I feel very safe with you .

Bilane, Djibouti

 It is a great opportunity to do good to yourself and I am amazed what breathing can do..

Isabelle, Djibouti


S. , Djibouti

She is very patient, always taking her time to answer questions fully. Her voice and her demeanour is quite soothing and it makes it easy to relax around her.

 You are a great teacher; your voice helped during the exercises and it is easy to understand you (you use good images or pictures to help to understand.  

M., Djibouti

 Ingrid is a good trainer, gives examples and is really powerful for guiding meditation and exercises.  

I. , Djibouti

 I really enjoyed the workshop and I loved all the development exercises we did .

M. , Uganda

I have experienced a very powerful energy while breathing in a group with all these lovely and beautiful people.  I really had no idea how powerful our own breath is and I am planning to use it every day now to get myself energised and connected .

A. , Uganda

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