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“You teach best

what you most need to learn”

(Richard Bach)

Passionate About Finding Balance in Life

​Self healing

By doing a one day workshop I experienced how powerful our breath is and how you can really go deep and connect to the core of your own being to unravel certain habits and blockages. I immediately knew I had touched on something very valuable and powerful. That same year I started the intensive training course to become a facilitator and coach in Breathfulness in the Netherlands.

My own experiences in the past years and insights I received during the training course of Breathfulness have given me the opportunity to develop myself more and to become who I truly am. I discovered that I am a very mental person who tries to rationalise everything.. which doesn’t always work in life. Through Breathfulness I have learned to make choices more from my heart instead of only using my head.


In addition to Breathfulness coaching I have also done a management coaching course which I finished in 2013. With my toolbox I am able to assist my clients on their own journey of development, whether it is in their work -or personal life, and I take great satisfaction when I see how my clients respond to the sessions.

My clients are from different nationalities as I have lived and worked in Uganda, Djibouti and now South Africa. This makes my work even more interesting as everyone also carries a bit of their own culture with them which has an influence on how they look upon life and how they breathe. I hope to assist you also to truly become who you really are.

  • Breathfulness Coach, Institute of Inspiration to Create, Steenbergen, Netherlands

  • Reiki I and II, Heinkenszand, Netherlands

  • Coaching and Mentoring in Management, level V,   Institute of Leadership & Management (UK)

  • Enneagram training, Institute of Inspiration to Create, Steenbergen, Netherlands

  • Isha Foundation, Yoga and meditation training, Kampala, Uganda

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