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Female inhaling and exhaling to deep breath exercise for control and balance life with yoga meditation decrease stress, relax her mind

Balance is not something you can find,
it is something you create!

Discovering Balance through Breathwork Coaching

Are you tired of feeling weighed down by negative thoughts, stress, and anxiety?

Find your centre, boost your health, and regain your confidence with the transformative power of breathwork.

Breathwork is a powerful tool for self-awareness and self-transformation that can help you find balance in your life. Best of all, it's free – you can access your own breathing anytime, anywhere.

This practice offers a range of benefits, including:


  • Regulation of the nervous system

  • Reduction of stress and anxiety in the body

  • Normalisation of blood pressure and heart rate

  • Improved sleep, concentration, and focus

  • Detoxification of the body

  • The ability to process, release, and heal trauma

  • Heightened self-awareness and the ability to recognize deeper feelings

  • Increased self-confidence and purpose in life

  • And much more...

Every exhale is an opportunity to let go that which,
no longer serves you!

Portrait of middle aged smiling woman looking at camera wearing a pink shirt

Hello I am Ingrid !

As a Breathwork Practitioner and Coach, my mission is to help people to optimise their breathing system, to conquer emotional hurdles, rediscover their inner strength and confidence, and to empower them to follow their heart and find their purpose.


I leverage the power of breathwork to create a warm, secure environment for individuals to explore their thoughts and feelings and to move stuck energy so they can reconnect with their inner-self and unlock their own potential. I strongly believe that breathwork is a powerful tool for anyone, regardless of their background, to improve their emotional well-being and restore balance in their everyday lives.

How Can I Support Your Journey?

HOLY TRINITY of Breathwork COaching

My approach to breathwork coaching is centered around three fundamental principles that I believe are essential to achieving lasting and meaningful change in your life:

I believe taking self-responsibility for one's health empowers individuals to make necessary changes to enhance their quality of life.

SELF  RESPonsibility

To achieve effective coaching, clients need to set and own their goals for the sessions. This provides motivation, focus, and energy to achieve their desired outcome


Tailored breathing exercises can improve breathing patterns for a better life by providing personalised exercises based on an individual's unique breathing pattern.

Tailored Breathing Exercises

My Services

One on one breathing coaching session

Experience Personal

Transformation through

1-on-1 Breathwork Coaching

Embark on a transformative individual journey with my 1 on 1 Breathwork Coaching Session. During our session, I will guide and facilitate your breathing to help release stress, anxiety, and any trapped emotions in your body.

With my personalised approach, you will achieve a deep level of relaxation and clarity that will leave you feeling calm and centered

ACHIEVE Lasting Results with Our 6-Week Coaching and Breathing Program

 Our Comprehensive 6-week Program is designed to maximise your potential and includes weekly coaching and breathing sessions spread out over six weeks. With a focus on setting goals and identifying limiting beliefs, we work to detoxify your breathing patterns, connect with your body, create new pathways, and breathe for increased energy and focus.

Additionally, you'll experience deep relaxation and learn to integrate what you've learned by balancing your body and mind.

Woman doing breathing exercise with one hand on her chest and other on her belly
Group Breathing Session

Transform Your Life with

Balance Matters'

Group Breathing Sessions

At Balance Matters, we believe in the power of breathwork to transform lives. Our Group Breathing Sessions are perfect for those who are looking for a more communal experience or are not yet ready for one-on-one sessions.

With a maximum group size of six, you will receive individualised attention while also benefiting from the collective energy of the group. Come join us and unleash the full potential of your breathwork today!

RElax and Recharge

with Our

Monthly Breath and Bowls Session

Join us every last Saturday of the month for our unique Breath and Bowls Session. Take a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life and indulge in a soothing combination of breathwork and crystal bowls sound therapy.


Our session wraps up with a crystal meditation that will leave you feeling renewed and in sync. Don't miss out on this opportunity to unwind and find balance!

picture of colourful crystal singing bowls

Kind words 

Since my first breathwork session with Ingrid I have continued feeling elevated, open, expressive, and an expansiveness of joy. It felt like an electrical activation through my body. I became aware of an activation of the back of my body and have been feeling fully grounded since.

I have also noticed a huge change in my breathing pattern - softness and easy breath flowing in and flowing out -feeling a sense of alignment with the natural rhythms of my body that have continued. I recommend Ingrid as a very experience and masterful facilitator for amazing Breathwork.

Wendy Leppard


Transform Yourself with Breathwork Coaching

Breathwork Coaching is a highly effective practice that utilises the power of conscious breathing to enhance your overall well-being and reduce stress. In our Breathwork Coaching sessions, you will learn about your breathing patterns and how to make adjustments to promote greater energy flow. By doing so, you can alleviate the build-up of stress and tension within you. Our focus is on gaining a deeper understanding of how your breath affects your mind and body. Furthermore, you will be able to release negative emotions and muscle tension, freeing yourself from limiting beliefs.

Experience the benefits of Breathwork Coaching today and start living your best life

Focus on Woman’s hand holding a coffee mug with saying Inhale Exhale, concept of to pause for a moment to compose or calm oneself, act of exhaling is thought to promote calmness

Master Your Breathing
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