Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing.


what I offer

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  • Physical:

    • It regulates your hormonal system

    • It normalises bloodpressure

    • It detoxifies up to 70% of the toxins in your body

    • It massages your organs

    • It improves your immune system

    • It nourishes your cells with pure oxygen

  • Mental & Emotional:

    • It opens up your heart

    • It opens the connection between your head and heart

    • You may experience more trust in life itself

    • It creates more clarity

    • Suppressed emitions may surface and released so you create new space for new inspiration and new choices in your life

  • Spiritual:

    • It creates a reconnection with your true Self

    • It enables you to experience the NOW more

    • It may give you insights and answers to some deeper questions that you have

About ME

My name is Ingrid van ‘t Hof and I moved to Uganda, Africa in 1998 from the Netherlands.


Over the years I have had different employments in development work to assist the disadvantaged but I also went on a ‘development journey’ of my own.

I encountered certain issues within myself and felt I needed to work on them. In that time I lived in Uganda and there were not a lot of possibilities for personal development workshops so I read a lot of personal development books and I did some yoga and meditation with a small group of people whom I met there.


Until the year 2010, when I came in touch with Breathfulness.


That changed a lot...


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